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Mental Health & Wellness ACTION across Corporate Canada is a must. That is why we started our Corporate Services Program in 2019. Kyla, leverages her expertise as a clinical therapist and speaker and brings that expertise, passion, and ability to spark honest interactive discussion to your company. Her particular area of expertise is understanding the relationship one has with food & body. What Kyla has found over all her years of practice is that the relationship that one has with food is merely a reflection – a microcosm – of how one feels in the world, about themselves, about their body; how one articulates their emotions (or not); and how worthy one feels. Kyla’s aim is to help women make this connection, confront it and change it so that they can live their best lives emotionally, relationally and physically.

Services we provide

  • 1

    Monthly ‘Lean In Circles’ for women with a focus on vulnerability, using your voice, or directly connected to food and the body. These are 90 mins per session.

  • 2

    Monthly Women’s Initiative accessing all parts of my Centre (through my various staff) each month of the year. (for example: yoga, nutrition, cooking, vulnerability circle, etc).

  • 3

    On sight individual therapy sessions. Companies often have me booked for a block of time, multiple days in the month, to hold in-house therapy sessions for staff who otherwise don’t have the time to get to therapy outside of work and home commitments. (8 hours on site = 8 sessions for 8 interested employees)

  • 4

    Company wide (or women focused) interactive talks unpacking the deeper understanding of how we feel in our lives (emotionally, psychologically, relationally, etc) manifests in the relationship we have with food and our body (90mins or 2 hours)

  • 5

    Half and full day mental health & wellness workshops accessing all parts of The Kyla Fox Centre through various team members (for example: yoga, nutrition, cooking, vulnerability circle, learning and practicing to “Use Your Voice at Work” etc.

For more information and to get started, please contact:
Patrick Hembery
Head of Growth & Corporate Partnerships  |  416.871.1624

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