Recovery Process & Treatment

Initial clinical consultation with Kyla Fox, MSW, RSW

The first step for everyone interested in joining us at The Centre is to come in for a 1 hour Initial Consultation with Kyla. This is a rich, therapeutic opportunity to meet with Kyla to explore your relationship with food and your body, along with your life circumstances. You will experience a greater sense of clarity around your struggle and how we can best help you. You will also be able to tour our facilities, meet some of our staff and have better insight into all that we offer. Should you choose not to join us following the consultation, you will be left with an understanding of your treatment needs moving forward and sound recommendations to do so.

If your loved ones are assisting with finances for your treatment, we ask that you bring them along and have them join us for (part of) your consultation (we will honour your privacy). Having them present allows them a clear understanding of the overall treatment they are assisting with, along with how/if they will participate in it.

If you are looking for treatment for someone you love, we invite you to join us for a consultation too. We work very closely with those indirectly affected by eating disorders, supporting you directly and helping you make change despite the person with the eating disorder not being present.

Call us at 416-518-0440 to schedule a consultation with Kyla today. 



Intensive clinical therapy

Every person at the Centre will be matched with one of our expert Clinical Therapists. This part of the work allows clients to work through uncovering their root causes of eating disorder harm so that they no longer manifest these realities through food and the body. In clinical therapy sessions, clients will establish a greater sense of self-awareness and recognize their patterns and habits that have come to shape their lives. As this continues to develop, therapy will act as a means to support and challenge clients to shift these patterns and habits so that they can live more fulfilled and connected lives without harm.

Dependent upon your individual circumstances, your treatment plan will include the following aspects of intensive clinical therapy determined by your treatment team, as needed for you:

  • Individual therapy sessions

    Clients will work one-on-one with their therapist to discover the root causes of the eating disorder patterns that are present in so many aspects of their lives, in order to move past them and reach their personal recovery goals. Our Master Level Clinicians work with various Clinical Modalities as needed for each individual. These may include CBT, CBT-E, MBCT, DBT, IPT, Narrative, Psychoanalytic or Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Solution Focused and Trauma Focused Therapies, from a strengths-based as well as a family systems lens.

  • Family therapy sessions

    We believe that if one family member is affected by an eating disorder then the entire family is also affected by an eating disorder. Family therapy is a crucial step for healing and we provide a safe environment for sharing, honesty, and learning.

  • Couples therapy sessions

    Intimate partners are often an important support system and these sessions are an opportunity to see where the eating disorder is present in the dynamics of a relationship and to provide support as the relationship changes in the recovery process.

  • Group therapy

    Group therapy is an opportunity to work in the presence and connection of others recovering from eating disorders. This is a chance to gain insights from others, practice your personal skills, give and receive support/feedback, feel connected and share openly about your life, personal challenges and victories.

    Every Tuesday from 6:30 – 8:00pm
    $30 per session
    Group Therapy is open to EVERYONE (whether you have been a client with The Centre or not).
    Preregistration & prepayment is required.
    Call us at 416.518.0440 to register today.

  • Parent & partners group therapy

    Parent & Partners Group Therapy offers an opportunity to learn more about eating disorders, the types of experiences often encountered in the recovery process, and how to be a positive part of their child or partner’s support network. We at the Centre believe that connection is necessary in the healing process as everyone who loves someone with an eating disorder is suffering himself or herself too.


Holistic healing

Holistic healing at the Centre aims to address the eating disorders symptoms directly, that is the relationship (or lack thereof) that one has with food and their body. This part of treatment works to challenge current patterns and rituals with food and the body so to re-stabilize and relearn how to connect without harm.
Dependent upon your personal needs, your holistic healing program will be comprised of the following:

  • Clinical nutrition

    At the Centre we want to help our clients feel safe and in love with food, as it is a vital part of living a full and rich life. Clinical Nutrition work looks at treating the body as a whole through nutrition; focusing on the consumption of natural, wholesome foods, supplements and other positive lifestyle changes. You will be matched with one of our expert Clinical Nutritionists to do the following work based on your personal needs in recovery:

    • 1) Personalized food plans that are grounded in a wholesome perspective unlike other nutritional approaches that advises nutritional healing through caloric intake and/or the number on the scale.
    • 2) Challenge food rituals/patterns to create new ways of understanding and behaving with food
    • 3) In-Kitchen Cooking Sessions are a way to become actively connected to food. In the kitchen you will make new recipes, challenge eating disorder rules and rituals, and rediscover the joy of creating food.
    • 4) Food Outings are an opportunity to enjoy foods in the community in a safe way with our support. Because life constantly confronts us with the need to be out at restaurants, at people’s homes for dinner and eating other people’s food, food outings provide the practice and guidance to eventually move safely through these very common life practices.
    • 5) Food Shopping Tours are done to educate and open up to different foods and their benefits. Often food shopping can be an overwhelming experience when you are affected by an eating disorder and so food shopping tours offer the opportunity to practice this important life skill.
  • Naturopathic Medicine

    Naturopathic Medicine provides a view into the physical and physiological symptoms that often are present when one is healing from an eating disorder. Gaining knowledge and awareness, repairing current physical damage, understanding physical discomforts and having the tools to alleviate those symptoms, all allow for a person to connect deeper to their body.

    The initial appointment with one of our expert Naturopathic Doctors will involve a detailed intake, with a review of medical history, a physical exam and laboratory testing as required.

  • Integrative Medicine

    A Nurse Practitioner will provide a full assessment, specialized blood work as needed as well as addressing any health and wellness concerns that may be present. Our Nurse Practitioner will work with a client’s Family Doctor in cases where complex medical needs are being addressed.

  • Acupuncture

    In traditional Chinese medicine, illness is seen as resulting from an imbalance of energy in the mind-body-spirit as a whole. It is based on the belief that living beings have a vital energy, called ”qi”, that circulates through twelve invisible energy lines known as meridians on the body. Each meridian is associated with a different organ system. An imbalance in the flow of qi throughout a meridian is how disease begins.Acupuncture aims to restore health by readjusting, improving, freeing and/or balancing energy.

  • Reiki

    Reiki is a way to stimulate the innate self-healing process by helping to move blocked or stuck energy in the body, spirit, mind and emotions. Our ability to find our own inner wisdom to initiate healing can become dormant over time, but it is always there. Reiki energy helps to shine a light on this part of ourselves, to awaken this ability so we can find our inner wisdom to help guide us. With the stimulation of the self healing process, it is often that people find that reiki treatment allows for more clarity around the issues in their lives where they were stuck in the past, a stronger emotional connection to life, a shift in patterns and/or relationships, and an overall sense of re-balancing of the body.

  • Private Yoga

    Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice that allows our clients to connect deeper to themselves, to the breath, body and mind. Yoga is also known to have tremendous healing benefits, especially, for those affected by eating disorders and other mental health issues. By incorporating the practice of yoga into the process of recovery, clients will experience great peace, strength and healing of the body and mind.

  • Meal Support Services

    We offer several types of meal support services.

    • Group meal support:

      The opportunity for clients to have a safe and comfortable place to eat their meals.

      A place where clients can hold themselves accountable to show up for mealtime.

      A place where clients have the opportunity to regulate mealtime.

      Clients bring their own food (as set out by their Clinical Nutritionist’s recommendations) and show up for themselves.
      A staff member is present to ensure those participating are safe and comfortable.

    • One-on-one meal support:

      Private meals for clients with one of their team practitioners.

      This allows for symptom reduction, food regulation and emotional stability.

  • Art Therapy

    At the Centre, we recognize and honour the importance of creative expression in the recovery process. Knowing that individuals work through and heal their experiences in a variety of ways, we have utilized the versatility of creative learning as a way for clients to feel more present in their bodies and lives. This approach encourages clients to stay connected to themselves by expressing themselves in forms that promote individual creativity through art, dance, and music. We’ve integrated a number of creative professionals into our team in order to provide an expressive outlet for our clients that aligns with our unique recovery philosophy.

Intensive Treatment Program

The Intensive Treatment Program at the Centre is a 3-5 month program that runs 7 days per week (Monday – Sunday), 10 hours each day. Following each month, your treatment team will meet with you and your loved ones to review the progress, continued expectations and potential restructuring of the focused work. After completing the intensive program and dependent upon the progress/continued needs of the particular individual, a gradual drop-down program will be designed to ensure continued success in recovery and the ability to be more in your life.

Our experienced team of practitioners is consistently available to assist clients undergoing the intensive treatment program in a safe and supportive way. Moving them through obstacles to their healing, allowing them to work past these hurdles and eventually make a full recovery is our primary focus.

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